10 Effective DIY – Healthy Foods to Lose Weight in 1 Week!

10 Effective DIY – Healthy Foods to Lose Weight in 1 Week!

 Here are the 10 effective DIY healthy foods to lose weight. 

 “Healthy eating is a great way that you can do to control not only your weight also can control your health problems and will make you feel better and improve your overall quality of life“ 

This healthy magical foods list will make you lose weight in just 1 week or less.

From today add these following foods to your list If you’re about to lose a significant amount of weight in no time.

Healthy Foods to Lose Weight - 10 Effective DIY - Healthy Foods to Lose Weight in 1 Week!

 Whole Eggs :

Eggs are known as one of the healthy foods to lose weight. It is a fact that eggs are loaded with protein. High-quality protein and the yolk itself contain 2% minerals and some other properties that help you to lose weight.

If you want to burn calories this is a great way.

Healthy Foods to Lose Weight

 Salmon :

Salmon is one of the best choices of healthy foods to lose weight and its especially effective for the health of the body. It’s loaded with nutrients, rich in Omega 3, high protein, help from heart diseases, high in vitamins and the most important part of this fish is that the fatty acid contained in salmon can help you lose weight.

Salmon has lots of easy recipes that can poaching, grilling, baked, wrapping, broiled or pan fried and it’s tasty!

Healthy Foods to Lose Weight

 Avocados :

Continuing to our list avocado is also one of the right choices to add into your weight loss diet.

Since it’s a source of some important vitamins, minerals and fibers 1 avocado contain 322 and a half contains around 160 calories. This delicious fruit contains more health benefits and can change the way you look! You can count avocado on healthy foods to lose weight during summer and winter.

It will keep you full longer, If you eat half of an avocado It will help you feel full longer during the day.

Healthy Foods to Lose Weight

 Nuts :

The system of our body is very simple; our body uses the fat of the foods that we, eat for energy, and nuts are rich in fats so you can add nuts to your diet and lose weight.

Healthy Foods to Lose Weight

 Green Tea :

Drinking green tea during the day will help you to lose weight. They are rich in antioxidants, nutrients and can improve brain, fat loss, positive impacts on cancer and many other benefits. Naturally, there are almost no calories in green tea, but they can increase metabolism in your body so you can burn energy easily.

Healthy Foods to Lose Weight

 Brown rice :

Brown rice is a type of rice that will be very helpful for you if you are trying to lose weight. In fact, 1 cup of cooked brown rice has 216 calories. It is rich in dietary fiber that will help in controlling blood sugar levels and boost metabolism and help in losing weight. Many diet experts will recommend you the best foods that can help you lose weight and In fact, one of them is brown rice. It’s not only good for your diet to lose weight but also help in overall health.

Healthy Foods to Lose Weight

 Coconut oil :

Did you know that you can easily use coconut oil for losing weight? Again the fatty acids contain in the coconut oil helps and can boost metabolism, so you can burn more calories. It is one of the healthiest weight loss fats around.

You can find unlimited benefits from coconut oil like improve brain functions, boost memory, promotes heart health and the most important thing coconut oil is super good for your skin and hair.

Healthy Foods to Lose Weight

 Oatmeal :

Oatmeal is a popular healthy breakfast food and can help you lose weight as long as you feel full during the day. Not just breakfast it can be used in a variety of dishes so you can have a better taste.

How much weight can you expect to lose from oatmeal?

If you add them to your everyday diet, It is possible to lose around 15-20 pounds in the course of a month but including the other foods on our list, you can lose weight much faster.

Healthy Foods to Lose Weight

 Boiled Potatoes :

Boiled potatoes are good until you eat them in a healthy way, but as soon as you try them fried or with cream, cheese, butter or any other dip, they can cause weight gain in your body. On the other side, you can add potatoes to your weight loss diet sweet potato with onion and poached eggs can be a tasty breakfast and have a great taste.

Healthy Foods to Lose Weight

 Fruit :

Fruits that are rich in fiber can help you lose weight like apples, blueberries, pears, bananas, avocados they are also rich in vitamins, prebiotics, minerals, antioxidants and low fat. You can find these fruits easily in markets. It can also reduce the risk of some serious types of diseases from your body.

Healthy Foods to Lose Weight

Do you know of any other fruits that are not on our list and you think they should be? Leave us a comment.

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10 Effective DIY – Healthy Foods to Lose Weight in 1 Week

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