Focus on Diet Quality, Not Quantity, The Key to Weight Loss Secrets!

fatlossdiet by loseweighttofit2 - Focus on Diet Quality, Not Quantity, The Key to Weight Loss Secrets!

Your body needs the energy to exercise, and everyone knows that the biggest source of energy is food. These are the best weight loss secrets from top fitness trainers.

weight loss secrets by loseweighttofit

Have you ever feeling hungry while doing exercise? It’s very simple, for weight loss you need to reduce the number of calories you consume. Everyone is searching for the magical secrets that can get them fast results.

(This article will help you to understand step by step what actually you need to do for losing a significant amount of weight. Some studies which have been proven that in weight loss diet the key is Diet Quality, Not Quantity.)

According to a new study, was published in (JAMA) shows that people who cut back on added sugar, refined grains and highly processed foods besides concentrating on eating vegetables and whole foods, without worrying about counting calories or limiting for their portion sizes, they have lost lot weight over the course of a year.

When it comes to losing weight by eating healthy foods rather than count calories is the best way.

weight loss secrets by loseweighttofit

You might have heard this over and over again, don’t skip breakfast, eat regular meals, don’t stock on junk foods, lift weights 4-6 times per week.

The secret is, you even don’t need to exercise to lose weight, well, this is true and still, I will recommend this. But do you have the time to count everything that you put into your mouth? Well, most of us don’t.

You Should Avoid The Following Foods For This Weight Loss Secrets.

  • Sugary Drinks: What would you drink if you feel thirsty? Juice, Sweet Tea, Iced Tea, cola. These choices are high in sugar and calories. So whenever you feel thirsty drink water. Because this is the fastest way to lose weight.

weight loss secrets by loseweighttofit


  • Potato Chips / French Fries: Avoid all kind of fried foods especially french fries, because these fried foods can instantly add weight to your body. And it requires so much time to burn them down. Instead, this tries broiled.

weight loss secrets by loseweighttofit

  • White Bread: For some of us, white bread can cause weight gain. It’s a refined carbohydrate food. Some commercial bread in plastic bags also adding salt, sugar creating a very processed food with very low nutritional. White bread is a junk food. So instead of White Bread eat rye bread.

weight loss secrets by loseweighttofit

  • Cookies and Cakes: Did you know that under the bright and perfect packaging and catchy photos, some of the cookies are filled with sugar. It’s also the same with cakes If you look at the ingredients of some cakes it made up of Sugar, Butter, Vanilla, Chocolate, Flour etc.. these all are very high carbs and the calories of the cake will make you fat. But Instead of cookies and cake eat oatmeal bars.

weight loss secrets by loseweighttofit

  • Juices: Weight loss drinks can help you but be careful because some fruit juices are totally filled with the same amount of unhealthy sugar or carbohydrates that could be found in a soda can. You can drink sparkling water instead of soda.

weight loss secrets by loseweighttofit

  • White Rice: White Rice is very low fiber and it’s not good for losing weight. If you are trying to lose belly fat, At least you have to minimize the amount of white rice you consume. Replace with brown rice! It is much better, it contains all parts of the grain including bran and germ which provides fiber and main natural vitamins.

weight loss secrets by loseweighttofit

  • Stop Alcohol: This is true that overweight can cause extremely serious health conditions that will cut your life short. In simple terms, It’s very bad for weight loss. scientifically it has a lot of calories without any calories It means all the calories are empty without any natural value and the most dangerous part is, it will make the person physically dependent on itself. Instead of alcohol, green tea will help you lose fat fast.

weight loss secrets by loseweighttofit


  • Desserts: For the dessert, lovers this can be said, that if you are taking sweets every day and you are not active during the day, then this is a bad news for you because you are going to be fat. While the body can turn sugar into fat then It’s not possible to turn the fat back into sugars. You must be super active and exercise to burn off the excess fat. But there is something you can eat Instead of high sugar sweets, are fresh berries.

weight loss secrets by loseweighttofit

Extra Tip: Be a heavy drinker

Yes, water is very important for keeping your body hydrated, It helps to prevent and treat headaches. You can easily cut back on extra calories and sugar.

Most of the time It depends on size and weight, but if your weight is around 130-60 pounds try 70-150 ounces of water every day.

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